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Declutter your way to  Authentic Living

Stop hiding behind your possessions. Declutter to discover your true self. 

Thursday, July 25th at 8:30 PM

  • What's the difference and why both are important 

  • Ways to experiment living with less

  • Reduce impulse purchases

  • Save $1,000/month 


Presented by Erika Maddamma,
Founder & CEO at
Sunny Spaces Organizing

Hello! I'm so happy you are here!

For the past 4 years, my team and I have been professionally organizing families around Pittsburgh. And while we LOVE what we do, we know there is more to be done! We've watched countless families hold onto unused possessions for the "what ifs" and "somedays". 

Watching people have so much excess is what drove me to start living a more minimal life. After reading Project 333, I minimized my closet, which had a ripple effect through my entire house. 

While I was always organized, I was no where near a minimalist, and now I'm excited to say, we've found the perfect amount of "stuff" for our house, that doesn't leave me feeling bogged down, cluttered or downright held back. 

I can't wait to share more about my journey with you and the steps it takes to start living more authentically! Life's too short not to! 

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Can't wait to see you on the 25th!

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