Our Story

Sunny Spaces owner, Erika Maddamma, has been passionate about organizing for as long as she can remember. As a kid she would wake up on Saturday mornings and re-organize her closet, just for fun. She would offer to help clean up and organize friend’s rooms when she went over for a play date. For Erika, there’s something therapeutic about the organizing process and even more rewarding to know she helped a friend out! She’s a naturally positive person, always looking on the bright side and is a great motivator. She firmly believes life should be lived fully, dreams should be pursued and nothing should hold you back!

After nearly a decade of working for a car seat manufacturer in the baby industry, educating retail staff, and having a child of her own, Erika’s desire to help other parents dealing with the excess baby items, exploding playrooms and insane schedules led her back to her passion and Sunny Spaces was born.

Erika grew up in New England.  She moved to Pittsburgh in 2016, after meeting her husband while she was traveling for work. Aside from organizing, Erika also loves

  • spending time in the sunshine, traveling, practicing yoga

  • dance parties with her son, Kaleb. 

  • bold red wine, hoppy IPA’s and rich, black coffee

  • sushi, ice cream and campfire s’mores


Erika considers herself down to earth and looks forward to helping you reach your goals!

Assistant Organizer, Lindsey Rollman, is native to Pittsburgh and currently attending the University of Pittsburgh. She started working with Sunny Spaces in 2020, but has been organizing and  decluttering her entire life. When she isn't helping others live a more organized life, Lindsey loves to travel with her friends, spend time with her family and Goldendoodle puppy, Winnie! Her favorite US city is Chicago! Lindsey looks forward to meeting you and helping your reach your home organizing goals!