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Organization Services

An organized house means more time and less stress. When every item has a home, and every family member knows where to find it, days function smoother! Sunny Spaces will work with you and your family to create lasting systems to increase functionality and flow in your home. 

While function at home is critical, efficiency in the office is also a top priority! Sunny Spaces will help you manage your systems, processes, and paper clutter to allow for a more productive work environment! 

Preparing to move or getting unpacked into a new space can be extremely overwhelming! Sunny Spaces will organize and pack up your belongings for safe transport and will also methodically unpack you into your new home.  We will advise in the decision making process if it's time to downsize! 


Stop allowing yourself to hide behind your things. It's time to declutter to live your authentic life! Sunny Spaces Professional Organizers will help your determine the right amount of belongings for your current lifestyle, allowing you to live with more time, money and freedom to do what you enjoy! 

Whatever your organizational needs are, we're here to help! Our goal is to help you start living Sunnier, and we're excited to make that a reality by fulfilling Pittsburgh's home and office organizing and all your decluttering needs!

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