What People say about Working with Sunny Spaces

We are moving in about 6 weeks and I knew I needed help thinning out my collection of random vintage dishes and other odds and ends. Lindsay came to help me for four hours on a Sunday. She was professional, kind, and understanding. She assisted me in determining what I should hold on to and what needed to go without being pushy or demanding. After four hours, two 10'x6' shelving units were emptied and the items were sorted. As we would place items in various piles (keep/pack, donate, sell) she would package up each item to ensure it got to it's final destination in one piece. As we filled the "donate" boxes up, she would remove them into the garage and took them with her upon leaving to donate them.

Setting up the service with Erica was a breeze, from the beginning she was immediately responsive and personalized each interaction. She clearly explained the pricing and provided me with options that would best fit not only my budget, but also complete what I was hoping to achieve. Leading up to the 'Big Day' she checked in with me as approved and messages me within 10 minutes of Lindsay leaving to ensure I was fully satisfied- I was.

I would recommend Sunny Spaces Organization to anyone feeling overwhelmed with the amount of stuff they have, anyone who knowsthings need to go but can't decide which things are important to them.

Depending on how smoothly my unpacking goes and how well I am able to organize my new house, I am consider rehiring Sunny Spaces Organization to assist with that project.

I absolutely loved working with Erika. She’s creative, positive, and energized! She brings solutions to even the toughest organization project. Highly recommend!!
~ Jaime, Marketing Professional 

Erika was just so helpful to me in getting my master closet figured out. She not only helped me envision what the new space should look like but also took on ordering the appropriate shelving units, baskets, hangers, etc. and then actually organized it all for my husband and I. Saving us so much time and effort! It turned out perfectly and I can’t wait to work with Erika again on future projects. Next up...our garage!

~ Kristen, Full Time Professional, Mom of 2

Erika was absolutely amazing. Took my disaster of a bedroom and organized it perfectly. Made a system so I could keep it clean and organized. She was prompt, professional and a delight to work with. 

~ Karen, stay  at home mom

“Where do I begin? “Was Some thing I’ve been asking myself over and over again for a few years now. Friends had offered but was always hesitant to introduce them to my clutter. I had thought about getting a personal organizer to help me but didn’t want to just get anyone. I am a single mother who works crazy hours and has two boys (14 & 10) and my 90 year-old father living with me for the past 4 years.

We started working together and within 3 & 1/2 days my house had been transformed. Erika was nonjudgmental in the amount of things I had accumulated. She helped me rearrange and maximize the space I have in ways I never thought. We sorted piles into donate, dumpster, and shred. I did have homework to do in the evenings like sorting personal papers, etc...

My office is clean and organized. My bill, income tax, and important papers are accessible and at my fingertips. The bar area is amazing. The kitchen even better. Prior to Erika coming to my home, I dreaded going in my bedroom. I now go in there look around and think to myself “ I did it”. Actually, I didn’t do it “WE did it.!!!!”

Erika, with her positive energy, was a blessing from above.😇. She listened to my cares and concerns, my desires and wants.. everything she said we could do we did !!!! I couldn't be happier.

I trusted her in my home and with my family from the minute she walked in the door. Not once did I feel any embarrassment or shame for having collected (a lot inherited) so much junk...

Erika, I am so happy you started this business. You have the perfect mindset and attitude to do what you do.😘 I apologize for the lengthy review, but when it comes to something so personal as ones worldly possessions, it’s not just anyone you want rummaging thru. Erika would be the one I’d call on in a heartbeat.

~ Mary, Full Time Professional, Single Mother of 2, Caretaker of Father 

We moved into a new house and I was having trouble figuring out how to best organize our new space. Erika came in, had fantastic ideas that I never would have thought of, and maximized our storage space in the kitchen, bathrooms, and bedrooms. I am so pleased with how it turn out! Our storage is more functional and less messy. As a mom of 3 toddlers, the less mess and fuss the better! The best thing I did was hire Erika. She is passionate about what she does and it truly shows in her work. 

~ Megan, Stay at Home Mom of  3

"I can't believe we can park our cars in our garage. We've never been able to in the 22 years we have lived in this home" 

~Linda, Retired Real Estate Agent

Sunny Spaces Organizing is fantastic. I was able to complete a huge garage clean out in two short sessions. Not only are they incredibly helpful at suggesting ideas to better organize but also incredibly nonjudgmental and very personable. I actually enjoyed my time cleaning out a yucky garage. I am already planning several more projects as I know the guidance and support will allow me to complete these tasks quickly and in a way that allows for long term organization. 

~ Vanessa, Stay at Home Mom of  2, Homeschooler

Erika was professional, polite, and exceeded all expectations. She took the time to run through my routine to find long term solutions that worked for ME. She quickly presented multiple options and had them shipped directly to me. She was extremely patient and mindful during the organizing process and left my boyfriend and I with a clean, functional space. We’re so thankful to have found Erika and will absolutely be hiring her in the future!

~ Monica, Full Time Professional

Erika has my highest recommendation and I'm delighted to give it to her. Not only was she extremely prompt in responding to my inquiry, she was available to book quickly to help me with a project I've been dying to finish! She did such a great job organizing my closet I purchased a package for her to help with my bedroom, kitchen, and pantry. She's a true professional with some seriously organizational expertise. I was so impressed by her knowledge and suggestions of ways to maximize my space and create a more functional environment in my home. If you're looking for an expert - the search is over!



~Cassiah S. 
Business Owner, New Mom, Moved during COVID pandemic

I worked with Erika to organize an office that went from three suites, down to one suite. We have a various types of equipment and supplies in our line of work and a tiny space. I could tell Erika has a keen knack for organizing since our stuff isn't straight forward. She even went above and beyond and found a place for hard to recycle items like tires and an old microwave. She was spectacular and I would recommend and use Sunny Spaces again!

~ Sara, Full Time Professional, Office Manager, Mom 

Erika was a complete life saver for me in a time that was very hectic and stressful. I was 9 months pregnant, moving to a new home, getting ready to start a new job, caring for my 5 year old son who was out of school and I was studying for a medical board exam, in the middle of a pandemic. She came in with her super sweet personality and deftly packed up my whole house into wonderfully organized boxes and packages, and also color coded them and labeled them based on where they should go in my new house so the movers had no trouble knowing where everything needed to go!!! She even took it upon herself to go and purchase all of the Tupperware and cardboard boxes and packing materials that were needed for the whole packing/organizing project. I can’t even tell you how much stress this took off of me. I couldn’t have done it without her. It was incredible. She was even mindful to wear a mask while at our house because of our concerns with the pandemic and my being pregnant. She worked quickly and masterfully. She demonstrated excellent communication, and was polite, punctual and pleasant in every single interaction I had with her. If you are thinking about hiring her, do not hesitate!!!

~ Marisa O. 

Pregnant, Working Mom, Moved during COVID Pandemic 

Erika did an amazing job with our closet! When we moved in, we just kind of threw things in without a lot of thought. It was “ok”. We spent a few hours working side by side and now, it is “wow” every time I walk in there! We had so much fun and she made it easy to move on from things that I was not using and we discovered some things that had been hiding and I now get to enjoy. Such a great investment! I would hire her again in a heartbeat!

~ Rebecca P. 

Full Time Professional, Mom of 2 

Professional Organizer

I knew I was very disorganized in the space I lived in. Erika helped me out so much. In a professional manner, she suggested what I should get rid of and how to organize what I was keeping. She is so helpful and positive, truly a ray of sunshine! She gave great advice so when I moved I could start our new life very organized even being in different states from her. I really recommend Sunny Spaces and Erika to not only organize your space, but organize your mind so you can continue to enjoy your new organized space. Thanks Sunny Spaces!


~ Carianne S.
Entrepreneur, mom of three kids

I’m a FTM (first time mom) and I was freaking out because of the pandemic. I’m due 10/17/2020 with a boy, and with everything shutting down and having shopping in person be more difficult, I was wondering how I was going to get baby ready. Erika was such a blessing and we video chatted and emailed and she researched items and made recommendations on what worked best for my needs. She was very knowledgeable and made sure I was registering and looking for baby items I really needed and would use. If you are just starting your family or having #2 or 3 and just want help, I highly suggest Erika at Sunny Spaces organizing.

~ Jessica J.  

Pregnant during COVID Pandemic 

I worked with Erika from Sunny Spaces and she was fantastic! I had many years worth of clutter in my basement and I really had no idea where to start. Erika not only had a clear plan but she helped me implement it promptly. She also was very patient with me with getting over my hesitation in letting go of some things. I highly recommend their services. They are very professional and really skilled in what they do.

~ Monica E. 

Mom of 3, Full Time Professional 

Erika recently unpacked and organized my master bedroom. She did a wonderful job. She was very professional and hard working and the results were better than expected. I highly recommend her services.

~ Samantha B.
Full time professional, mom of 2, moved during COVID pandemic  

"I never thought I could get excited about laundry!"
~Meghan D., Stay at Home Mom of 3

Erika helped me to organize my pre-teen boys' bedrooms, which, prior to her help, were notable as lego death-traps with a thin layer of dirty laundry on every surface. After two sessions with Erika, they had fun, age-appropriate solutions to display legos, nerf guns, art supplies and books. Thanks to a solid organization system (and a lack of clutter due to her success at convincing them to each fill a 'donate' box), their rooms have stayed clean, and miraculously, even the dirty laundry seems to find its way to the hamper...most of the time :). I highly recommend Sunny Spaces Organizing!!

~ Michelle D.
Full time professional, mom of 2 

Erika was so great at organizing my office in ways I hadn’t even thought about. She had great ideas and was professional, attentive and dedicated to her business. I would highly recommend!

~Sally L.
Work from home professional, mom of 3

I reached out for some help organizing my basement and Erika from Sunny Spaces did not disappoint! She responded quickly and enthusiastically and was able to schedule a time during that same week. We worked through the basement together and she was so friendly and it was clear that she loves what she does! She helped me decide what to keep, toss and donate and even took the donations with her when she left. After just one afternoon my basement was transformed into a much more useful and functional space!

~Cacey W.
Work from home professional

Could not have done the move without Erika! She is a delight to work with, generous with her time and proficient in her approach. Will be using her again!

~ Susan F.

Erika was awesome to work with! I reached out to her because I needed to get my dorm room packed up quick due to COVID-19 and she responded quickly to my inquiry and we got to work. She was super friendly and helped me get everything folded up and packed in just a few hours! She made the daunting task of packing and organizing seem like a breeze. She was punctual and personable, and I highly recommend her for any of your organizing needs!


~ Ashley O.
Full-time college student 

Having two young children and two fluffy golden retrievers, my house was always in a state of fur balls and toys! Erika came in and took the time to help me organize the toys into buckets with labels and get rid of things that were damaged or just not being used any longer. She not only organized but also shared her strategies of less is more in the long run.


Her assistance allowed the children more play space and better chances to put away the toys to their respective bins, now that other items of the same type were stored there too. I hope to have her come back again to help to tackle my desk and room space.


~Robin G.
Full time professional, mom of two kids and two dogs