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Specific Evaluation:



Consider storage solutions:



  • Choose focus area, determine functionality & define goals

    • Determine where you want to get started and what you ideally want the function and aesthetics of this space to be. Clearly communicate your goals so we can deliver them! This is where aspirational pictures are super helpful.​

  • Part with excess items

    • Start with the low hanging fruit – what can go? What hasn’t been used in years? What are you holding onto for “someday”? Time to let it go. Remember, less is more!​

  • Categorize like items together

    • You’ve gotten rid of the excess, and you’re left with only your favorite and most used items. Now we will work together to arrange your belongings in a way that makes sense. We’ll group like items and sort them into appropriate categories. This helps us see the volume of each type of item and if there is potential for a second purge!​

  • Determine the best way & place to store your items

    • Everything has been pared down, determined functionality, and grouped accordingly. The next step is to think about how we will store these items. We will keep in mind convenience and efficiency, asking questions like which cabinet works best? Which items do you want to display? What storage products might we need to purchase? We love using bins you already have, but we’re also happy to offer suggestions for our favorite products!

      • Please note that any products purchased are in addition to the cost of the package.​

  • Give every item a home

    • Now we do the detailed work of putting all your belongings back! Items are given a designated, labeled home so everyone knows where everything goes!

  • Set routines to maintain your newly organized home!

    • You are going to be so relieved to see your newly organized space, you are certainly going to want to keep it that way! We will work with you and your family to determine what new routines need to be implemented to keep things neat! A 10 minute tidy for each household member keeps everyone involved and accountable!​

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