Virtual Organizing

Sunny Spaces Organizing Pittsburgh Owner, Erika Maddamma Office Organizing

Not local to Pittsburgh or in New England? No problem! 


Virtual Organizing provides you with the same results as Home Organizing, but allows you to work in shorter time blocks and at your own pace. Sunny Spaces will take a virtual tour of the desired areas and put together a step by step action plan to maximize the space. 

Virtual Organizing is for you if: 

  • Are concerned with COVID and want to maintain distance, yet get organized 

  • You have the desire to organize a space, but need motivation or an accountability partner 

  • Have tried to organize your spaces on your own, but the solutions haven’t worked out long term 

  • Can follow instructions, communicate clearly and are open to new ideas 

  • Can physically lift and move items 

  • Have access to a phone or computer with video capabilities and an email address 

Does Virtual Organizing sound like the right fit for you? Contact us to set up a FREE virtual consultation and let us help you get back to living life on your terms.